• Char Marked Barramundi
    Char Marked Barramundi
  • Sesame Salmon Swai Roulade
    Sesame Salmon Swai Roulade
  • Creobread
  • Fish Collagen & Gelatin
    Fish Collagen & Gelatin

Welcome To Vinh Hoan

Vinh Hoan Corporation (VHC) is a vertically integrated exporter of Pangasius Hypophthalmus (known as Pangasius, Swai, Panga, Basa, among other market names).  Being able to control quality and maximize efficiency throughout the entire supply chain has allowed the company to secure its position as a market leader (click here to learn more about our vertically integrated operations).  Its subsidiaries are engaged in Rice Milling and Collagen Extraction, both of which support the core business of the parent company.  VHC is uncompromisingly committed to its high standards of food safety, quality, and environmental stewardship